white car wrap What does vinyl wrap do in winter?

white car wrap

You can ensure your vinyl wrap lasts through the winter by knowing how it holds up. Wrap Guys understands that vinyl car wraps are an investment. white car wrap Our team will work tirelessly to make sure your investment lasts for many years. Is Vinyl Car Wrap able to withstand the winter weather? Although cold weather, snow and ice won't damage vinyl wraps, most vinyl wraps are designed to withstand road salt. white car wrap However, it is important to take precautions to protect vinyl wrap from winter storms. You can take the following precautions:

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Keep the vinyl vehicle wrap clean As with any other season, vinyl wraps can be maintained as cleanly as possible. Handwash your vinyl wrap with soap and warm water. Chemical cleaners and power washers can damage vinyl. white car wrap You should wash the vinyl wrap once every two weeks depending on where you live and how often it gets dirty. Avoid the use of a scraper Extreme winter conditions can lead to snow and ice accumulations on vehicles. However, scrapers should not ever be used to remove snow or ice from vinyl wraps, including window graphics. white car wrap To remove the snow and ice that has accumulated, use a soft brush in conjunction with your car's window defroster. Remove road salt Road salt is essential for maintaining road conditions. Vinyl materials are made to withstand road salt. www.vinylcarwrapshop.com white car wrap However, it is important to regularly remove road salt from vinyl wraps. Road salt can cause damage to vinyl wraps if left on them for too long. Vinyl wraps are more difficult to apply in winter? Vinyl is sensitive and expands and contracts with temperature. This can make applying vinyl wrap to vehicles in winter difficult. These problems include: Vinyl can become stiff and unpliable. The adhesive may lose its effectiveness and not adhere to the surface as well. Because they cool too fast, white car wrap cost white car wrap metal and glass surfaces can be difficult to work with. In order to avoid these problems, white car wrap a reputable vinyl wrap company will apply the vinyl vehicle wrap in a temperature-controlled environment to ensure that the wrap is being applied properly and to the highest standards. Wrap Guys can be reached at 604-996-6389, or via our contact form. To learn more about vinyl wraps' winter resistance, white car wrap or to inquire about our vinyl wrap services, please call Wrap Guys.

white car wrap

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