matte white car Vinyl wrapping a car is not easy.

matte white car

Vinyl wrapping a car is more complicated than it seems. It is possible to determine whether it is possible to wrap a car yourself or hire someone who is skilled in the job. matte white car There are many things to take into consideration when determining the difficulty of vinyl wrapping a car. Wrap Guys, experts in vinyl wraps has put together a list of common problems that car wrappers face. matte white car This information will help you determine if your equipment and time are sufficient to properly apply vinyl wraps. Common Problems in Wrapping a Car Vinyl can be difficult to work with on any vehicle, regardless of its size. Vinyl can be difficult to apply if not used with the right tools and at the right temperature. matte white car These are the top challenges when applying vinyl wrap to a vehicle:

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1. Peeling paint, rust, and deep scratches Peeling paint, rust or deep scratches can cause bubbling and tearing during installation. Even if everything goes smoothly, matte white car large scratches or peeling paint can still show through wrap. Vinyl is more difficult to adhere to than rust because it tends to crack and flake easily. It is best to repair any rusty areas before applying vinyl wrap. matte white car This will ensure that the vinyl wrap adheres well to your vehicle. These issues can be fixed by a certified body shop, leaving you with a smooth and flat surface for your vinyl wrap. 2. Dirt and air bubbles No matter what vehicle you have, your vehicle must be washed thoroughly and dried completely before applying vinyl wrap. Dirt and moisture can dramatically reduce adhesion, resulting in air bubbles during installation. matte white car This can significantly increase the installation time and cause uneven application. To ensure that there are no air bubbles after or during installation, it is important to thoroughly clean the vehicle with the right tools. 3. Vehicle contours and edges Each vehicle has its own dimensions, contours, edges, and shapes. This is particularly true for doors, side mirrors, and lights. matte white car To account for unique surfaces, the vehicle's surface must be carefully mapped. Inadequate mapping can lead to excess vinyl or insufficient material to completely cover your vehicle. matte white car It is important to know the dimensions of your vehicle so that you can make the right cuts and trims. Wrap Guys has the expertise to solve these problems. Wrap Guys employs highly skilled and trained technicians who apply vinyl wrap with precision and care. Contact our team by matte white car calling 604.96.6389 or using our online contact form. We will be happy to assist you.

matte white car

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matte white car