glitter car wrap How does window tinting reduce heat inside my car?

glitter car wrap

Georgians know that summers can be hot and hot down there. Nothing is worse than getting in a car that has been left out in the sun for several hours. glitter car wrap Your car can still become a sauna, even if it is parked in the shade or has air conditioning. How can you keep cool? glitter car wrap Window tinting could be the answer to all your problems! G-Force Films customers frequently ask us if tinting can reduce heat in their vehicles. The answer is yes Here are the facts about temperature reduction and window tinting for your car.

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How does window tinting keep heat out? Window tints can be used to protect your vehicle's interior from the sun's heat. Window tinting film is made primarily from polyester. glitter car wrap Other types of film have a thin coating with colored dyes and metal fragments at the film's top. These layers block the heat from the sun, as well as ultraviolet (UV) light and infrared radiation. They also prevent your car's heating from happening, but still allow some light through. glitter car wrap Window tints can block almost 80% of the harmful UV rays. This can help reduce your chances of developing skin cancer. Window tinting film made with nano-carbon ceramic technology absorbs heat and UV radiation. Although the exact amount of heat that tinting can block varies from one car to another, it can reduce heat up to 45%. glitter car wrap You will enjoy a cool and comfortable interior, even during the hottest days. How do I choose the right window tint to reduce heat? It is possible to determine the effectiveness of a window tint by looking at its light transmittance ratings (VLT%, VLR% and VLA%). The label's VLT% indicates how much visible light is transmitted through tint. glitter car wrap The VLR% is the amount of light reflected off the tint, while the VLA% is the absorbance percentage. This is why it's important to imagine a car without any tints. This car will reflect 90% of the visible sunlight. glitter car wrap Its VLT% will therefore be 90. Non-tinted windows have a VLA% of 90 and a VLR% five. The car is therefore very inefficiently cooled. Window Tints are a great way to reduce the heat in your car. Hot car interiors are not only uncomfortable but can also pose a risk to your health. Overheating your car can lead to heat stroke, dehydration and the release of harmful chemicals in many car parts. Keep cool by calling us Are you ready for the many benefits of window tinting to be discovered? You car will not only look cool, glitter car wrap but you'll also feel cool. Call G-Force Films to speak with a window tinting expert at your car. We hope to see you soon! Author Recent Posts GForce Films GForce Films is Savannah's only specialist shop for Paint Protection Film. glitter car wrap near me They offer services for window tints, wraps and graphics, as well as stripes. glitter car wrap GForce Films' latest posts (see all). 3 Reasons Why You Should Never Try DIY Paint Protection Film Installation. April 28, 2022. glitter car wrap Paint Protection Film and Vinyl Wrap: What is the Difference? - March 14, 2022 5 Reasons You Should Vinyl Wrap Your Car Rather Than Painting It - Feb 15, 2022

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